31.05 – 4.06.2023


5 days Retreat of “WATERNESS” training and somatic work


Waterness Journey™ is a specialised modality in underwater work techniques and three-dimensional massage, which offers the possibility for the receiver to enter into an interactive movement.

As beginners or future practitioners of water therapy, Waterness™ provides valuable tools through its detailed technique that we practice extensively and integrative processes in order to be able to respond in real time to a proactive receiver.

In our bubble in the middle of nature, we practice together gentle yoga postures and use mental concentration exercises (meditation, pranayama) to maintain a more refined presence throughout the teaching day. We progressively study the massage, the immersion technique, the rotating forces of the water, the response in ‘real time’ within the interactivity etc….,
Stretching the body, joining with nature, listening to its sound and vibration, becoming aware of the elements both outside and inside, provides better balance of the nervous system. These qualities are necessary for self-regulation when exchanging and learning all day in water.
The somatic work (contact, free and directed movement, body work) completes this legibility between the qualities of the water element and the properties of the earth, with a playful approach that favours the integration of the content of the programme. We return to water with clarity about ourselves, gravity and suspension.



Morning yoga practice proposal: Asanas, breathing, visualisation & mudras.

– Contact-Impro and movement

– Spaces for somatic practice dedicated to the exploration of improvisation and self-developpement – individual and group research.

– Somatic work on land to move on to work in water.


– Synchronisation of breathing and movement to coordinate immersion.

– Studies of surface expansion and compression movements, work underwater (inversions, movements with changes of direction, centripetal and centrifugal movements).

– Practice of massage, deep stretching, release points and mobilisation with a spherical 360° approach.

– Work on the forces at play to apply acceleration and deceleration

– Create a safe position for the receiver and a healthy posture for the donor.

– The water creates a space for observation and facilitation of spontaneous movements, and potentiates the interaction between the giver and receiver as partners in play.

– Practice spaces dedicated to the exploration of real-time improvisation in the water and review of the technical content of the daily course.


  • begins on May 31st 2023 at 9am
  • ends on June the 4th 2023, at 4pm

The registration fee for the training is 680 Euros. Students who send in their enrolment form and deposit by 28 February 2023 will receive a 15% discount.

Magadins Nou is a rural farmhouse located between forests and fields, in an isolated and quiet area that allows us to disconnect from civilization and reconnect with nature and our inner selves.

We will have the whole rural house at our disposal. The farmhouse has double and triple rooms, in case you decide to come with a family member or friend, all of them outdoors, indoor heated swimming pool, multipurpose room and numerous corners in the garden and the mountain to find your space.

The participation fee includes:

– accommodation in double and triple rooms from the night of the 30th of May (5 nights)
– menu designed and prepared at the farmhouse by our chef specialised in macrobiotics
– use of the swimming pool
– use of the multi-purpose room and gardens
– tourist taxes

480€ per person. This amount should preferably be paid by bank transfer or PayPal. Entrance to the farmhouse is on 30 May from 17:00.

INFORMATION & REGISTRATION E-Mail: info@watsupath.com

mobile: +34 667 437 941 (Cristina)