Waterness Journey ™ is a warm water based therapy, which offers the possibility of an exclusive massage with an interactive and flowing dimension,  above or under the water line.

Before starting, I welcome by words any spontaneous movements that can potentially arise during your session. As we establish together a clear rapport to the breath, thoughts and ideas slow down, we open a rare space for body sensations and feelings to express as the session progresses into the fluid environment. Through constant support and attention to your needs, your body can reach a state of profound relaxation as the body circulation of energy gets restored.

Sometimes passive, sometimes active, a Waterness session offers moment to moment support to what emerges with massage, gentle floatation, complexe movements or simply a space for body self-expression. While your senses meet all together into a intimate sphere, elements Earth (downward force) and Air (ascending pressure) supply with a rich sens of suspension and freedom. Receiving constant support (without having to stand against gravity) the body achieves a state of deep relaxation which improves the circulation of energy.

In water, you can enjoy incomparable release through bodywork, spiralling movements, tractions or underwater flying or … naturally being held. Water purifies us, refreshes with a unique taste of oneness as we connect back to the source of our Life. The state of Waterness.

music by Ariel Zutel @arielzutel

 In this video, we see Anna who starts her Waterness journey™ session in my company in a very quiet way, connecting to her breath cycles, opening herself to the unknown of this session. As i pick her up and start to massage her neck and back,  using the water to stretch her spine, she progressively drops into a personal space, being ready to go under water. I place the nose clip and Anna’s face enters the spacious liquid. I orchestra the first immersions. I breath with her, I merge in her breath so I feel her and she knows i am here by her side.

There under all is silence and shimmering lights.

Anna can now start to flow with her sensation, riding the wave into the deepest part of her being. Her rhythms change, release in joy as she is surrendered. She suddenly becomes interactive, inviting me into her dance. My feet firmly anchored onto the floor of the pool, so she can be fluid as a seaweed into the water currents.

When she brings herself into small ball, i delicately encourage the move and hold her there. When she radically opens up, I enhance her expansion. I encourage her movements by supporting their directions and velocity. Anna moves freely yet I support her with an undivided attention to her breath, as she softly reaches the door of her secret garden, where emotions and body assemble in a peaceful union.

Waterness Journey™ trainings are held in Europe and are taught in Spanish, English or French.

Students can either step into week end modules or undertake the full 5 days course.

For the Waterness 50 hours course, accredited by Watsupath™ institute for the WABA, the student masters the fundamentals of underwater work including breath, various range of movements in speed and size. Hands on underwater massage and space to practice interactivity are more specific Waterness Journey™ domain.

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There are several water therapy techniques available around the world, with their different flavours and delights. The essential difference resides, according to me, wether the session stays at the surface or happens underwater. With immersions, the level of surrendering and freedom will play on a different octave. Finally, offering a dimension of possible interactivity for the receiver during his session, calls on the knowledge that a body, in his natural spontaneous unpredicted moves and dance, can find balance and satisfaction.

I am a practitioner of Watsu®, the original technique developed by Harold Dull, which happens at the surface of water. I am also certified as WaterDance practitioner, which was one of the first underwater technique evolving out of Watsu®.

Having received water session during my own pregnancy and studied water pregnancy, I can recommend the benefits of this treatment for the mother and the baby to come, who will bond in a unique manner: While the expectant experiences valuable releases in back tension thanks to appropriate massage, gentle swaying and lift in her body weight, both will experiment pleasurable sensations and connectiveness.


Waterness journey™ brings the group to investigate body awareness and dance, back and forth in still warm water.

Making use of the breath to travel inside our body and become aware of the fluid support, we move with the different hydrodynamic qualities, alone and with our partners,  Quiet inner practice is the starting point to develop spontaneous motion from our body centre. We also practice specific body mechanics and water movement into basics holds to ensure safety and comfort to our water partners.

Adapting to the constant changing nature of water, we allow the space between the liquid dancers to become a joyful multi-dimentional pristine journey.