Founder of Waterness Journey™, Ayurvedic, certified WaterDance & Watsu© therapist, I offer bodywork treatments on land and in water.

My journey as a therapist and an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant started in the early 2000, after I dropped the contemporary and modern art in Paris and Malaga, to find myself living in India for several years studying Ayurveda and deepening my practice of yoga. My Ayurvedic path peaked as I responded to Japanese schools of Yoga to share my skills on workshops which focused on how to adapt the benefits of Ayurveda to modern lifestyles.

I still teach two forms of traditional Ayurvedic massages: Abhyanga and Chavutti Thirumal (indian rope massage by foot pressure), while I dedicate most my time to share water sessions and teach Waterness Journey™. French born, trained as dancer and yogini, the practice of meditation and my recent studies in psychosomatic therapy, contributes greatly to my therapy work as the ability to hold space for people in sessions and training programs.

My genuine passion for opening the heart with conscious touch is expressed by continued dedication to developing my practice and teaching of Water therapies. I pursue sharing the expression of compassionate love that is “Presence”, in water and land treatments that naturally combine movement & meditation.