On land or in water, I like to start a private session by making contact with the reality of the moment, through the breath awareness… Listening to our breath cycles, we quiet the mind, we dive into ourselves getting in touch with our own sensitivity.

The treatment can begin. First we engage at the physical matter with simple body sensations, to potentially shift to a broaden holistic experience of one’s ‘body mind emotion’ .

Supported by the fluid nature of Water or grounded by the firmness of Earth, each session offers various benefits from experiencing Well being, body tension release towards emotional balance, as we work more specific assets like spine liberation and neck relief, reduction in articulation’s pain.

Tailor made Waterness journey™ sessions are efficient for water traumas and phobias, anxiety and trust issues by creating a bond of healthy intimacy and support. Waterness Journey™ sessions can also be interactive, playful. The receiver is invited, if he wishes to, to express his creativity by any free movement. The therapeutic dimension arises from the power of the body in finding a form of healing, by liberating the spontaneous impulse which lead into ‘no mind’ movement. The fluid and natural forms that the giver initiates in the receiver body, also support self-regulation into physical and emotional equilibrium.

Floating in 35degrees water is beneficial during pregnancy as the body relaxes, lower back gentle releases with adapted moves, while the mother explores a similar environment as the foetus.

Water treatment will improve for all, the breath capacity and can be shared from adolescents to elder people.

Traditional Ayurvedic massage reduce pain and increase sleep, it alignes the body at deep levels, harmonising with Chavutti powerful long stroke or enveloping qualities of Abhyanga.

By touching, by listening, by following one’s breath, we gather together sacred spaces that offer opportunities to observe and release holding patterns and limiting beliefs. In an environment of intimacy and confidence, we commune beyond words, dancing in the space between bodies & breaths.

Just like the moon reflects the light on us … this therapeutic approach aims at bringing awareness onto the healing power that exist in each of us, supported by powerful warm water and warm oil therapies, in their own specific qualities.


« Moment sublime où le corps se deploye, envol, vortex de douceur et de légèreté, confiance totale, légère… La joie rénait dans ce rituel merveilleux… Un moment en suspension où l’infiniment petit règne… Merci pr cette superbe expérience. Merci Sophie pour ce moment de grâce. »


C’est la deuxième fois que j’ai la chance de recevoir ce massage “Chavuti” de la part de Sophie Costes.

Chaque fois la détente est complète: le mouvement pénétrant des pieds avec délicatesse et justesse provoque un bien-être inégalé. Un abandon des tensions est alors possible laissant place à un ressourcement profond…

Stéphanie B.

“If I had to choose something to soothe my body and my mind it would always be a chavutti session with Sophie. I can´t hide my passion for this type of body work which gets to the deep layers of the body in the most natural progression and rhythm. Held by the warmth of the oils and the right pressure in the skin, sliding and uniting the body, I feel waves of pleasure and release. You can´t believe all this is done with the feet, which seem to have the perfect shape and texture e to help me let go into stillness and confidence. I could have one every day and never get tired!”

Diana Naya

Offrir à son corps un massage chavutti avec Sophie est un merveilleux cadeau.
Ce massage allie profondeur, amplitude et précision. Ses pieds  savent oú aller et l ecoute de Sophie permet une lecture et une comprehension de votre corps suprenante. Tout cela accompagné par sa douceur et sa bienvaillance, vous serez transporté vers un etat de grande détente et de lâcher prise.
Je recommande vivement!!!