TAdE Training

(Water Therapy during Pregnancy)

MAY Saturday 20 & Sunday 21  – 2023 

(8 hours credit hours)



The 8-hour training, generally divided into 2 modules, includes studies among the students and also practice with pregnant women.

The first part consists of studying the importance of breath work to relax and calm the mind and soothe the mood, through simple movements aimed at the mother’s upper body.

The second module, at a more intermediate level, aims, with more lower body focused movements, to accompany the mother into a deeper state of letting go and inner connection.


Release of the diaphragm, neck, shoulders and arms. Opening of the solar plexus and gentle expansion to help dissolve tensions around the rib cage.

Targeting more specific areas with deeper stretching of the legs, soles of the feet, is very effective with specific massages of the gluteal and iliac area, in a very fluid way. A mixture of back and forth, stretching and light pressure, unthinkable in the usual two-dimensional massage.

Price including training hours, manual and accreditation to the WABA registry = 166€.

30% discount for TAdE Auditors