Ibiza, Balearic island

04 >10.03.2024   &   26.04>02.05.2024

The 30 hours course, is divided in 5 hours per day.

6 days training “CHAVUTTI THIRUMAL” or Indian rope massage by foot pressure

One on one course or small group (max 3 people)

The course includes theory and practice.

Being a advanced practice, it is advised the student has prior knowledge in bodywork or yoga, martial arts or dance and some basic knowledge of anatomy.

Student receive a full body massage from me, prior of the start of the course

During the course, the student learn:

Technique and choreography (back – front and side sequence / Level 1) of the massage, developing skills as:

• Work on awareness & dexterity for feet pressure with balance.

• Deep tissue massage with breathing technique

• Postural integrity with alignment to maintain high energy level

• Basic concepts of Ayurveda – principles, doshas, use and effect of oils..

• Counter-indication, common pains and their release points

A manual illustrated with pictures and text, in English details the full sequence.

Students will also try an alternative to rope, so they can travel and propose the massage anywhere.

Daily student receive from the teacher, share and practice on new bodies.

Student receive continuous and personalized constructive feed back to unfold into the practice.

At completion of the full course, a certificate qualifies the student to give Chavutti Thirumal (level 1) modality.