6-11.08. 2024
Center @TINIKA
Valais, Switzerland

Training in aquatic bodywork “Waterness Journey™” and somatic explorations including free movement, dance, Yoga, and breathing exercises

Training conducted in French (and English) with translation into Spanish

(50 hours accredited by the Watsupath™ Training Institute and the International Water Bodywork Association W.A.B.A. for the Watsu® professional path)


Waterness Journey™ is a modality of underwater bodywork techniques and three-dimensional massage, which offers the possibility for the receiver to enter an interactive movement. This approach can give rise to deep relaxation, insightful exploration, can open to creative and playfull session as well as engender therapeutic benefits.

As beginners or future practitioners in water therapy, Waterness™ brings valuable tools through its detailed technique that is practiced abundantly, as well as integrative processes to be able to respond in real time to a pro-active receiver.


Before starting long hours in water where we gradually study massage, immersion techniques, the rotating forces in water, the response in ‘real time’ within the interactivity etc…, we practice together gentle yoga postures and use mental concentration exercises (meditation, pranayama) to maintain a more refined presence throughout the learning day.

Stretching the body, breathing while being aware of the impact of the energetic stimulation, not only gives us new experiences on a bodily level, but also supports a nervous and neuronal balance which is essential for the assimilation of the aquatic workdays.

In the afternoon, we combine the technical teaching with somatic work (contact, free and directed movement proposal) which completes this legibility between the qualities of the water element and the properties of the Earth, with a playful approach that favours the integration of the training content. We return to water with more clarity about ourselves, the relationship between gravity and suspension.





  • Morning yoga practice and guided conscious touch (optional): Asanas, breathing, and body mobilization.
  •  Somatic practice dedicated to the exploration of improvisation and self-awareness – individually and group research.
  • Somatic work on land before moving on to work in the water


–  Synchronisation of breathing and movement to coordinate immersion.

– Study of surface expansion and compression movements, underwater work and inversions, movements with changes of direction, centripetal and centrifugal movements.

– Practice of massage, deep stretching, release points and mobilisation with a 360° spherical approach.

– Work on the forces at play to apply acceleration and deceleration.

– Creating a safe position for the receiver and a healthy posture for the giver.

  • Water creates a space for observation, facilitates spontaneous movements, and enhances the interaction between the giver and the receiver as play partners.

  • The practice spaces are dedicated to exploring real-time improvisation in water and reviewing the daily course’s technical content.



No prerequisites. This course is valid for beginners, students as well as profesionals.



At the end of the course a certificate of Participation will be awarded by Watsupath Training Institute, the only Training Institute in Spain accredited by Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association W.A.B.A. valid for the Watsu® Professional Training program.




From 6.08.24 at 2pm until 11.08.24 at 1pm


Registration fee is 710 Euros or 695 Swiss Francs. See below for discounts and reductions.

The registration fee includes all tuition fees, learning materials and the assistance during class hours. It does not however include travel expenses, food and lodging costs, or the use of all class related facilities. 

Registrations will be accepted on a first come – first served basis. The registrations will be valid only upon completion of the Registration Form and bank deposit.



Early bird discount: Students sending their registration and payment receipt before the 11st of June 2024 will get 15% discount.  Not cumulative with other discounts.

Auditor discount: The students that have attended this class before will get a 30% discount of the course fee. Not cumulative with other discounts.


If, after registering to the class, the student needs to cancel their registration, these rules and conditions will be applied:

  • Cancellation is permitted only if requested in writing by email to at least 6 full weeks prior to beginning of the class.
  • Cancellation requested via email 4 full weeks or more before the beginning of the class students will receive back their full deposit less a 50,00 Euros administration fee.
  • Cancellations requested via email less than 4 full weeks before the class start date, will lose any refund of the deposit.


In case the minimum number of students is not achieved the organization has the faculty to postpone or cancel the course. In case of cancellation, you will be refunded the full deposit with no further compensation. In case of postponement the deposit will be refunded to the students who request it




Students are required to pay a facility fee of 37.- SWISS FRANCS/day (VAT NOT INCLUDED), a total of 185.-FS to access the pool and use the classroom for land classes. The balance must be paid the first day in cash directly to the facility management., before the course starts.

The pool will be accessible to students every evening for free for open training or professional sessions 🙂



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email :
Sophie +34 697 914 007