Humanity build relationship with the communication through the 5 senses. So far, the revolutionary virtual world still requires vision, earing, touch to reach and stimulate our inner senses to call for an answer.

Communication issues, originally come from early stage as the baby or the young child have not received sufficient stimulation on his skin. Therefore he often lack integration’s ability, he misses that clear sense of being aware of himself and his physical boundaries. How to be certain of his humaness and how to be loved as one!?

Being held, being kissed, being looked at, being caressed are all so many ways to feel ourself as children and receive Love. Thats how the small child develop his own sense of caring, feeling, seeing the other one and being able to give Love in return.

In a way, Love is the highest expression of sexuality in the big meaning of the word, as enjoying Life, pleasure, sensual stimulation and relaxation. Loving is to shows interest, care, responsibility, attention to the needs and vulnerability of the other one.

This all is demonstrated through the sense of touch. During the first months of our Life , this is the measure stick and the main guidance for healthy future unfolding in relationships.. with ourselves and the others.

Water therapy, by its great quality of intimacy and being the voice for unconditional Love, genuinely bring together in short sessions, many qualities to adjust what we have missed in our primary relationship: we build trust, we re-value care, we give space and time, relaxation and letting go can merge together into the embrace of water and the arm of our sheltering therapist. This has incommensurable benefits in regaining communication with our inner world and the external world. This therapy is often used in post trauma, including soldiers rehab after war.

A wonderful book by the american anthropologist Ashley Montagu talks extensively about the sense of Touch ” TOUCHING”.